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  • Chief Albert Luthi School
  • Ga Rankuma School
  • Nkandla School
  • Mose Kotane Primary School
  • Soshanauve Secondary school



  • Khumalo Clinic
  • Tsietsi clinic
  • Crystal Park Clinic




Smu Residence Madunsa

Cornell University Sustainable Design

- Schoolhouse South Africa

Schoolhouse: South Africa is a partnership between CUSD and Education Africa, a non-profit organization that seeks to provide education infrastructure to disadvantaged and developing communities throughout South Africa. Three advising faculty from various backgrounds are guiding the research and design of a 6,000 square foot early childhood development center, to be constructed in Cosmo City, South Africa during Summer 2011.


Over thirty-five students from every college on campus, in addition to several graduate students, are collaborating this Fall to develop and produce a pre-design brief which will be used to inform the design of the crèche by 2nd-Year Architecture students during the Spring semester. We hope that this daycare center will become a cornerstone for the Cosmo City community.


For more information on this project please visit the Schoolhouse South Africa Website.


Raiders Rugby Club - Junior Development

Raiders Club was established in the Industria area in 1992, and has been successful in promoting sports, to all, in the surrounding areas.


The Management of Raiders Rugby Club has been particularly astute in recognizing the requirements for the promotion of Rugby in an area where, traditionally, the game has not been available in the school curriculum. To this end Raiders Rugby Club have instituted a unique development and training program which is directed at all age groups from ‘under 9’ through to ‘under 19’.


At Spiral Engineering, we have seen, first hand, the overwhelming response, from both potential rugby stars and their parents, to be involved in the development program, and we have been pleased to be invited to be an involved partner in this program.


Initially Spiral Engineering offered support to the 2008 development program, which was a resounding success. The obvious commitment of the Raiders Executive Committee and volunteer coaches that turned out every week to give of their time made for an easy decision to continue our association into the 2009 program.

In 2009 Spiral Engineering have increased their involvement in the development program, which has enabled Raiders to increase the number of weeks of training, and make the program accessible to more participants.


Spiral Engineering is proud to have their name associated with Raiders Rugby Club, and we look ahead to a growing relationship.

Abused And Abandoned Kids Educational

Excursions - Christmas Excursion

AAAKEE provides educational excursions around South Africa for various foundations occupied by children who are disadvantaged, having been abused and abandoned - lost. These excursions, as much as they may be educational, are also intended to enrich these childrens' lives with fun, entertainment, and excitement - a core value in the life of any child. Using this strategy, these children can learn common principles, and have fun at the same time.


Apart from the happy excursions, they also have several sponsors funding food, toys, and clothing. In many cases, these children, amongst millions of others in South Africa, have not ever felt the privilege of such benefits which are provided at excursions and visits to homes, as well as at their seasonal events.


Headed by Luiz De Gouveia, and two other directors, AAAKEE has become a mature organisation in the field.


Spiral Engineering was proud to help sponsor some of the kids who attended the 2010 Christmas Excursion. If you would like to help contribute too please go to the AAAKEE website.






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